Выставка плакатов «Queen of Bees» Дороты Солярски

Мы приглашаем вас посетить выставку «Queen of Bees» Дороты Солярски, художницы из Польши, живущей в Кракове и Берне. На выставке будет представлена серия графических постеров, созданных художницей в 2012 и 2013 годах. Выставка пройдёт с 4 по 8 декабря 2013 года в нашей студии «Stillleben» на Wyttenbachstrasse 37 в Берне.

Открытие состоится в среду, 4 декабря, в 19:00.

Сайт художницы: www.dorotasolarska.ch

Оригинальное приглашение от самой Дороты на английском языке:

Imagine, that you make one step forward, toward the Unknown. This one step changes your perspective and suddenly, the whole landscape changes. You make another move, and again, reality differs from the one that was there a minute ago. You realize that you don't know where you’re going to end up, but you enjoy this journey.

This is how my posters come into being.

Every act of creation of a poster is a destruction of something that was there before; through destruction, a new order is born. Posters are created layer by layer.
The most powerful act is putting the first line of paint on an innocent, white piece of paper. It will never be the same again. The time of its white potential is over, and there is no way back. Even if we paint it white, it is not going to be the same white as before.

I am in dialogue with every poster, sometimes hours, sometimes days or weeks. Sometimes I negotiate certain decisions with the image, knowing that every move will take us both somewhere else. Patience and trust, this is what art teaches me. I invite you to stand in front of every poster and concentrate on your own internal landscape, that the poster evokes in you. Let it be a gateway to whatever rises: joy, sorrow, solitude, disgust.

I wish you a memorable experience.

Dorota Solarska.

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